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Meet the Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

In my last post, if you have not read it, please do. It is a must read for everyone, read it  here . I mentioned that i would be featuring someone on the blog whose story inspires me every day because i went through similar roadblocks. The handsome young man in the picture is Oscar Aboje, Amedu and he is a fashion designer specializing in shoe design and manufacture. When he finished secondary school (high school) in 2011, he wrote Jamb (a qualifying college examination in Nigeria) three times but was denied admission every time. He got engaged thinking of what next to do and found shoe manufacturing, quickly growing a passion and love for it. He started a business and it has been growing every day. One of the major challenges he faced starting was finance, he had the idea and the passion but money was not forthcoming to drive this forward. Another challenge was workmanship, getting lot of hands to work with. God was faithful through it all to him and helped him overcome every

Roadblocks are not always stop signs

Have you ever tried starting a business or doing something new and you get stuck at a point? or Have you ever written an exam, failed and it looks like you will never pass? We all face roadblocks or delays at some point in our lives because against some people's belief, life isn't always an EXPRESSWAY. Roadblocks are like hurdles in a 100m race and to win, we must jump over the hurdle; like my pastor says 'leap and walk'. Roadblocks are challenges in life and there are different kinds of roadblocks we can experience; emotional, physical, intellectual, business, financial and even social. However, a lot of us see roadblocks or delays as stop signs (am guilty of this). We can't get past the roadblock and quit so easily. Several years down the line, we realize what was waiting for us after the roadblock was our road to success. Sometimes these roadblocks are not there to limit us but could be there as a sign for us to slow down and learn key lessons for our jour

Focus of the week

There has been a FABulous woman that has always motivated and inspired me with her words. She is late Maya Angelou , an american poet, memoirist and civil rights activist. She was an actor, writer, director and producer of plays, movies and public television programs; definitely a jack of all trades. She was a respected spokesperson for black people and women alongside Martin Luther King. She has written various books and autobiograhies. I have learnt a few things from reading her story but one that really touched me was, in spite of the darkness surrounding her childhood and early adulthood years, she rose above it to be a light in the darkness. She gave the most she could for the black people and american citizens especially women. She was raped and sexually abused but didn't let that experience reduce who she was and rose up to be a name reckoned in American history. We can rise above the falls and pit holes of life to touch lives and pursue a purpose, be a light in this dar